so, finished DA2....

And it was much shorter than the first game. Well, felt like it anyways. Probally because there's not the multiple backstories. Plus, don't have near the customization options, and you have to play human, which I'm sure a lot of people don't like. I would love to work in an elf or dwarf backstory, and I think it could be done. Would need more conversation options, but it could be worked out. There was also less places to go to, as well as many reuses of the caves and mini-quest interior buildings. Anyhoo, it was a little under 30 hours for me, and I didn't get to finish some of the side quests (and I'm sure I missed a few).

However, I still enjoyed it immensly! The story was very good, and I personally got really drawn into what was going on. There's plenty of options for roleplay if you follow up with your companions, and towards the end, you literaly hold the fate of Kirkwell in your hands. Well, up until a certian point, which was a huge 'OMG, what the fuck are you doing!?!' moment, which I'm sure will happen no matter what *i'm playing as a mage this time to see if it does*. But I am going back and playing the other two class options, then trying out the romance options to see what changes. Gameplay was also enjoyable for me, and I like the new abilites they added. You get to see random characters from Origins and Awakenings, which was kinda funny in a couple of spots, and you can import a save and it will change conversations and things that happen based on that. Nothing major, but it's still kinda cool.

Anyhoo, I enjoyed playing, it was worth pre-ordering it, and while I don't think it has as much replayability as the first one, I'm really curious to see what kinds of mods the community develops and what DLCs they come up with. Money not wasted in my opinion, and I got to see and play a great story. ^_^
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