Opinions do matter, just not from everyone.

"I don't care what other people think about me."

That's got to be one of the stupidest and most douchebag things a person can say. You can use the phrase "I don't care what YOU think about me," and that I can believe. I use that myself a lot. And yes, I used to be the in the 'I don't care what anyone thinks' camp myself. But then I realized that I do care about what some people think, like my close friends and my family. EVERYONE has at least one person who's opinion matters to them. Think about it: you do things to impress your friends. To pick up girls or guys. Hell, to piss off your parents. As much as you profess not to care about what anyone thinks, deep down, you do care a little bit. Humans are social animals, and we like being in groups. Your group might be small, but it's there. And you will do things to make sure they think you belong. Sometimes, those things will be retarded, dangerous, or illegal. But you care enough about their opinion to do it anyway so that you'll fit in.

There are things I've done to fit in with my friends. A lot of those things I ended up really enjoying and doing on my own anyways, but still. I started really learning video games to fit in. My sense of style has changed, partly to fit in. While the opinion of a random person on the street doesn't bother me, the opinions of people I care about and that care about me do affect me.

I'm not saying I'll completely change who I am to please anyone. If someone demands that, they're not worth being friends with. But I've made small changes to myself, mostly in terms of learning to adjust my interactions with people, based on what friends have told me. Sometimes, we need others to point out what's wrong, and real friends can usually be trusted to be honest about it. They're not going to want to change everything about you or demand you do whatever they want you to. However, they will point out when you're being a dick or a pity whore, which is a useful tool in fixing your own flaws. So, yeah, don't worry about what the average stranger thinks about you. But if a friend says 'try this!' or tells you that you're being an asshat, listen to them. They're only trying to help.

And if you are someone that honestly, deep down, doesn't care a one tiny iota about what anyone in existence thinks about you, then I hope to never ever run into you. You are a fucking sociopath and you scare me.
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