Not as exciting as I hoped.

Me: So, did I do or say anything while I was sedated after the dentist visit?
FSpoon: Well the weak flailing looking for my shoulder was amusing.
Me: I mean besides that.
FSpoon: No, you pretty much just crashed.
Me: That's not enough to fill out a post.
FSpoon: Call your mom and see if she knows any other time.


Me: So, when I had that surgary on my wrist, did I say or do anything while sedated?
Mom: I don't know, I wasn't in the operating room.
Me: I mean after.
Mom: Oh, no. You pretty much just crashed on the sofa and tried not to hit yourself with your cast.
Me: Damn, I'm boring when I'm drugged.
Mom: At least I don't have to worry about you getting high and stealing a car or something.
Me: That would at least give me something funny to post about.
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