Guy's Guide to Girl's Magazines

I'm not really a magazine reader myself, but I do page through Yahoo's Shine when I'm bored at work sometimes. It's a site that pulls various articles from multiple magazines online and puts them all in one place. Some are actually pretty good, and some are just so crazy they make me laugh. And I've noticed that the crazy ones almost always come from the same magazines. It got me thinking about what kind of person actually buys these magazines and I realized that you could tell a lot about a girl by what magazines she subscribes to. So, for all you guys out there, here's some insights into your girl based on a few magazine choices.

1. Martha Stewart Living: Your girl likes crafting things, possibly to the point of doing some kind of crafty things herself. Upside: Should be easy to find out what she likes for gifts. Downside: You will find yourself being dragged into DIY projects. Tip: Get a toolbox. And learn how to use a hot glue gun.

2. Wedding magazines: If your girl is in a profession like baking or designing, wedding magazines are good for inspiration. If they're not for her job, chances are that yes, she is looking to settle down. Upside: She's probably got the whole wedding planned out and all you'll need to do is show up in a tux. Downside: It may cost both arms, a leg, and a kidney. Tip: Make sure you plan a romantic proposal.

3. Glamour or Marie Claire: Your girl puts forth a lot of effort to look good. There are probably weekly salon visits, lots of things on her bathroom counter, and a very large closet. Upside: You will probably be wowed every date night because she'll make a serious effort to be sexy. Downside: Said effort takes a very long time. Tip: Bring a book.

4. In Touch Weekly: Your girl loves celebrities and loves gossiping about them. It's ok if you don't know anything about Brad and Angela, she will tell you all about it. In detail. Upside: When these conversations start, you don't have to contribute much. She'll fill in the blanks. Downside: Most of it will be things you don't want to know. Tip: Learn her favorite celebrity couple. You could care less about them, but knowing a few things about them will at least allow you to look like you're paying attention.

5. Shape: Your girl is either into exercise or wants to lose weight. Either way, she's probably got a gym membership or walks a lot. Upside: She'll be more likely to join in physical activities with you. Downside: You will get the 'Do I look fat in this?' question a lot. Tip: The answer is always 'No, you look hot!'

6. Cooking Light or Southern Living: Not much question there, your girl likes to cook. Upside: You will save money and get to eat new things. Downside: Some of those new things are experiments and they won't taste good. Tip: Learn to cook so you can cook with her.

7. Cosmopolitan Your girl thinks she knows all about sex and guys. She doesn't. She may also randomly accuse you of cheating, which can lead to injury. Yours. Upside: She's more likely to want to try new things in the bedroom. Downside: A lot of those things could land you in the emergency room. Tip: Run.
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