Growing up?

So, we've all been told at least once to 'act our age.' Ok, maybe not all of us, but still, I've gotten that many times. My dad didn't like us watching Saturday morning cartoons by the time I was out of middle school because he thought we were too old for that. (Though, in hindsight, it could be because a lot of what came on sucked and I just didn't have anything for comparison at the time. But I'm sticking with the age thing.)

But just because we've joined the 'adult' world, does that mean we have to grow up? Do we really have to give up our toys, stop watching our favorite shows and playing our favorite games because they're not considered grown-up?

Hell no! Any age that takes away your right to stack things for fun is not an age I want to be.

But for those out there that are saying Yes, then why? Why does reaching a magical age determine we have to stop doing things we enjoy? There are some things we grow out of, yes. Our tastes change as we get older and discover new things and new ways to amuse ourselves. But growing up shouldn't mean abandoning everything you enjoyed when you were younger. I shouldn't have to give up playing video games or watching cartoons because I graduated college and got a real life job.

I'm not saying we should hang on to everything from childhood. Childhood grudges, fear of old bullies and sibling rivalries should be left in the past. That kind of baggage can screw you up in your adult life, so if you need help dealing with them, get it. But if you still enjoy building things with Legos, go for it! If you can actually find a cartoon that comes on Saturday morning that is worth watching, watch it! Don't wait to have kids to rediscover playing and using your imagination. Keep it fresh by playing with something you enjoy, and don’t be afraid to imagine. The future is built on imagination, which we learn and keep active by playing. That's not to say you should spend all your time watching cartoons. Adult world brings adult responsibilities, which suck, but to be able to afford the cool toys, you gotta work for it. But once the job is done and you've got free time, as long as you're not doing anything illegal, do whatever makes you happy.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to build a couch fort. They'll have to pry these Tinker Toys from my cold, dead hands!
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