Finding a voice

One of the things that prompts me to do this as a regular blog is reading other people's blogs. Be they funny, informative, useful or just darn entertaining. I read stuff and think 'Yeah, I could write too.' After all, in high school, I did a lot of creative writing and did pretty good at it. Of course I look at those stories now and cringe because the writing is so.....high school. But hey, I had ideas and got decently well at expressing them.

However, that seems to be something I have lost as time went by. I dabbled in fanfiction for a time, and even that got pushed aside for other interests. I still have things to say, but the skills to say them have degraded a bit as time rolls on. So I've tried playing with various posts of my own, usually after getting inspired from someone else's blog, and seeing where that leads. Unfortunatly, it leads to making posts in the style of the person I'm inspired by. I may have something to say, but it ends up being filtered through a different voice. Nothing I've been writing (except for the occasional personal post) sounds like me.

But on the other hand, if I spend all my time doubting what I write, nothing will ever get posted. All the styles that my writing gets filtered through at this point are all parts of me as well, even if they aren't quite my voice yet. I just need to find a way to pull out those parts that are me and polish them. So this blog will be experimental for a while. If I make a post and you like it, tell me. If I make a post and you don't, tell me that too. I'm not going to tailor my writing to make people happy, but if something does or doesn't work, I'm not always the best person to judge. So having outside opinions is helpful.

I may be posting funny or helpful or angry posts, but above all, I'm going for entertaining.
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