FSpoon comes in every night and asks what I want to do for dinner. Sometimes, one of us has a craving or we decided earlier to try this particular restaurant or one of us wants the other to make a special dish. But most of the time, we're both clueless. This conversation then quickly becomes derailed because we're both trying to be considerate and really don't know what we want.

FS: So, what do you want to do for dinner?
ME: I dunno. What sounds good?
FS: I dunno. Had sushi for lunch, so not really up for that.
ME: Ok, but what sounds good?
FS: What sounds good to you?
ME: Nothing, really, but I should eat something.
FS: Yes, you should. So what do you want to eat?
ME: I don't know, I'll eat anything!
FS: So will I, what are you hungry for??
ME: Food!

It only spirals down from there. The thing is, I love steak. But since I moved, there's no longer a Texas Roadhouse near our house, and the other steak places nearby are only so-so, so I don't like saying 'Steak!' every time because I know he likes more variety. I could totally do Roadhouse every night because I fucking love their steaks, but I don't like being selfish, so I don't suggest it too often. So, inevitably, the conversation steers in another direction.

FS: Do you want to go to the store and we'll cook something tonight?

Our kitchen is covered in dirty dishes because it's my turn to load the dishwasher and I've been sick. And lazy. And I don't want to clean the kitchen, cook, and clean it again. But cooking at home saves money, so we really should be responsible adults, right?

ME: We could. What do you want to cook?
FS: I dunno. What sounds good?
ME: I dunno, what do we have in the fridge?
FS: Not much, but we could hit the grocery store.
ME: So, what do you want to get at the store?
FS: I dunno, what sounds good?

At this point, we're just going in circles, like those vultures from Jungle Book. We could (and sometimes do) pull a random recipe out and use that, but most of the time we just go back and forth until one of us names a restaurant. The other will say "Sounds good!" and we go eat. We seem to be making a habit of this inefficiency, caused by each of us trying to be considerate. But we do get eventually get food, and we inevitably enjoy it, despite the thirty minutes of going back and forth. Then we get home.
ME: So, what do you want to watch tonight?
FS: I dunno, what sounds good?

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