Brake Lights

So, driving to work this morning in rush hour, I realized that no two people use their brakes the same way. Some slam them on at the last minute, and some ride them for miles. But just having one set of brake lights doesn't really help. So I propose a new set of brake lights, which will activate different lights based on how hard you're pushing your brake pedal.

1. Maximum Space - "I must maintain the exact space between myself and the car in front of me, down to the last inch, so I will tap my brakes multiple times to adjust."

2. Slow Stop - "Just going to ease to a stop across twice the distance I need to give the illusion that I'm still making good time by actually moving."

3. Regular Stop - Your standard, normal stopping power.

4. Extra Stop - "Ok, need to actually stop faster than I thought, sorry about that!"

5. Oh Shit - "I'm slamming on the brakes at the last possible second or some asshat is cutting me off! OH GOD, PLEASE STOP!!"
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