Another year dawns.....cold?

Ok, everyone's making resolutions for the new year. But I resolve not to make one resolution!

.......crap. XD

Anyhoo, no, I don't make resolutions. I always end up forgetting about them, so what's the point, ya know? However, I will list a few things that are in the works.

- Got a shiney tablet for Christmas! So, once I get moved and settled, you'll be seeing more art stuff this year. After all, I gotta pratice and figure out how to use this thing!

- Moving! I'm moving in with BFSpoon end of next week, and will spend the rest of Jan. sorting, moving into storage, and having a yard sale to get rid of stuff. Actually, the yard sale is going to be at a friend's house, and there's several of us putting stuff into it, so it'll be a big one. And when it's ended, we'll be having Salvation Army come by and pick up what's left. I just want to clear stuff out, not keep it for another sale! ^_^;

- Speaking of getting rid of stuff, I will probally be posting things I want to sale up here since some of it will be shipable and someone here might want it. So, keep an eye out next week.

- Once I have settled in, BFSpoon and I will be making it a point to get out and walk a couple times a week. I am also going to be saving up for a Wii and WiiFit. I've discovered that I do better with exercise if it's also a game. I get into it and enjoy it more, which is part of why I still enjoy playing DDR. I've used my mom's WiiFit and found it fun and cute and useful, so I'd like one of my own. I don't need to lose a lot of weight, but I want to be in better shape and regain stamina that I've lost from years of a desk job.

- Story! I do want to add some more to my Centuris story this year. I keep saying it and part of me wants to quit, but dammit, I always end up quitting stuff before they're done, so I'm determined to finish this! Besides, she pokes me in the back of my brain from time to time, so I should really finish her story so she'll leave me alone. And you'd better not pick the depressing end you had planned for me!! I make no promises. XD Humph.

- Portfolio! I've been working on a proper online portfolio, but it kinda got put on hold last month. But after I get all this moving crap settled, I'm going to finish it. This is also for the purpose of hopefully helping me find a new job. Granted, without having to pay rent, I'll be able to stay paying off my credit card and student loan, but I'm hoping to find a better job. Not that I don't like my current job, I'm just tired of making below poverty level salery. ><

- Website! Yes, I have a new layout idea I want to do, after I get some other stuff done. And I'm hoping to have time to work on more free ones. Those kinda got shoved aside this year.

Anyhoo, I think that's it. A big THANKS to Steph, whose commission gave me gas money to go home on! I didn't get to do the Christmas stuff I wanted to, but made some last minute vinyl window decals for brother and sister and their spouses that was a huge hit, so that worked out. While I didn't like having to install all that vinyl on our windows at work, having our own cutter was something I'm glad we did so I can do stuff like that for really really cheap! ^_^;

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