so, new year

And it's cold. I hate winter. ><

Anyhoo, new year. Yep. 2010. And I can't think of a damn thing to say about it. Seriously. I don't make resolutions, so I don't have that to say. I tend not to have those 'looking back over the past year' type of reflective moments. For me, a new year means the date changes. And that it'll be a full year until my family gets together. Sure, I have things to look forward to, but I tend not to compartmentalize my time in perfect sections. If I didn't need to know the date for work, I probally wouldn't even realize when months change. I'm not sure what that says about me, but yeah. There ya go. ^_^;

Other things? Well, Christmas break was nice. 2 week vacation with the family, got to see and play with my nephew and get some books I wanted. Also had a white Christmas. Odd. Cat didn't like it, though. XD I wanted to get a picture of her in the snow, but she broke out of her collar and it took me a while to catch her. Oh well, maybe if can get a harness for her instead that she can't get out of, I'll try it some other time. I really do need one. I had one, but it never fit her. Then I lost it, so I can't even try and adjust it.

So, right, Christmas. Sorry. ^_^; Got some books, then a gift card for more books, which was awesome. Mom and I went over on New Year's day (since she was off) and I spent my gift cards and we hung out, which was loads of fun. I look forward to that every year. ^_^ My boyfriend came up that last weekend to meet the folks and then we went to the mall to hang out and that was fun as well. Then, we woke up Sunday morning to drive back and found an inch of snow on the ground. >< Fortunatly, no ice, so the roads were fine and we made it back ok, if tired. I love going to visit my folks and family, but I hate the drive.

OH! And new Doctor Who. Watched the first one air on BBC America after Christmas, but had to wait until I got back to see the second. EEEEEEEE! It was awesome and sad and thrilling and a bit cheeky, all at the same time. How could I not be excited? Though, I am sad to see David Tennent leave. I loved him as the Doctor, and from all accounts, he really loved the part as well. But, things move on, so we'll see how Matt Smith does. I'm not so sure about him, but I'm totally willing to wait a few episodes and see how he does. After all, I hated that they replaced Christopher Eccleston, enough to stop watching for a while, but then gave Tennent a chance and wound up really enjoying his Doctor, so we'll see how Smith does.

I apologize for not having any website stuff done lately. I've been busy trying to get other things organized and get distracted by games. Stupid addictive games. XD

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