I feel compelled to post something today, and I'm not quite sure why. ^_^;

Not a lot has been going on since Quakecon finished. I've been slowly winding down and playing a lot more Dragon Age, which is still a lot of fun. Picked up a character I didn't recruit the first time around, and he's hilarious. Lets just say he has a one-track mind......and it's the one between his legs. XD I've been playing with different party configurations and enjoying the random background conversations they have. I'm also enjoying seeing what minor effects the different backgrounds do. Like, when you're the dwarf noble background, people in the dwarven city recognize you and react accordingly. It's kinda neat, actually. I also watched the trailer for Dragon Age 2 and it's on the WANT list. Seriously, if I can get the extra money, I want to preorder it. Heee!

Let's see, what else? Oh, FFXI! We're almost to the end of the Chains of Promathia missions, and I'm totally excited about it! Of course, I'll probally die specatarially, but what else is new? XD More on that in my FFXI blog when we're done. It's about time I start adding to that. ^_^;
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