Quakecon, done and gone

Yep, Quakecon is now over. So how did this year stack up compared to previous ones? Well, they didn't allow ANY file sharing program, which kinda defeated the purpose for me going. Don't get me wrong, I still love gaming and managed to get some Q3A in before the vertigo kicked in. And, I finished Dragon Age *w00t!*. But I was really really hoping to get all of MST3K and Babylon 5 this year. Which didn't happen. I understand why, it just really sucked.

But the main killer for me was NO BAWLS. They didn't even bring a booth! WTF? Bawls and Quakecon have gone hand-in-hand for a long time. As long as I've been going anyways. Quakecon without Bawls is like....umm....unfrosted cake. Sure, the cake is moist and tasty, but adding the frosting just takes up to a new level of awesome. I really hope they get their act together and come next year. I missed the big blue frosty Bawls!

As for registration, well, I honestly don't think it helped, but it certinaly didn't hurt. I managed to skip the line by serving a long shift at security *and got free shirt, so no complaints here!*, but it didn't really seem to be moving any faster. I did like the scanning function, and there seemed to be a lot of people using that to carry their headphones or laptops in and out, which was handy for them. One thing they may need to consider for next year is a better line system. Not the registration, but a better way of setting up the line instead of them pre-line mob that formed this year. Understandibly, since they were trying to make sure people could wait inside the air conditioning *thank you, August in Dallas*, but they may need to rethink how that flows for next time. The one thing that kind ticked me off was how they handled the Quakecon Done Quick. It was announced the same time it opened, so unless you happened to be watching the forum that day, you were SOL. I think they should have announced it a week in advance. Sure, it would've sold out quicker, but that would be becuse more people were aware of it. *also, for future, if you're going to allow the QCdQ people into events first, make a seperate line for them!* So, overall, not a major improvement, but it's not something I'd want to see them not do. Just tweak for future use.

As for swag, there seemed to be a great deal of it this year. I didn't really take advantage of it because I'm too shy on my own to go up to the booths, but I did get a nifty shirt for Hunted, which looks like it'd be a lot of fun. When I was working the door, there were people coming out with bags of free stuff, so apparently the vendors did a great job on that. Kudos to them!

Anyways, my two cents. The bad won't stop me from going back, and I do wish I could've found everyone to hang out with in time, but we'll see how they do next year.

Now, I must save up for to buy a case of Bawls online. One way or another, I WILL get my Bawls this year!
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