New look and other things

Ok, so I've got a new layout I'm liking, which I'm going to have up as soon as I work it out. See, I've been experimenting, and have found ways to incorperate ALL of the stuff from this page into b2news, so I'm going to be doing that with the new layout. Of course, this means I have to reorganize how I do stuff here, but it will hopefully be awesome!

However, this also means I have to reinstall b2evo, this time on the base site. Which means that there may be some disappearing pages here and then when I get around to it. I'll post a warning before I do so, and it won't be for a little while since I want to get the skin working perfectly before I switch, but just a fair warning.

In other news, I'm now level 32! To celebrate, we went and had AWESOME steak dinner, then next day went to Six Flags. I got mild sunburn from not reapplying sunblock, sore everything from bracing on the rides, finally got to ride the Batman coaster and nearly blacked out twice on the Titan. Ok, so only the first two parts were sucky, but the rest of day was awesome. Yay!
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