My regular portfolio, for webdesign, graphics design and artwork. Includes information on commission arts as well.

My main gallery hosted here. I have a more extensive one at devart, but this is my portfolio-type gallery.

My free graphics site, formally know as graphics by dubird. Full of free graphics of all kinds as well as tutorials and other odds and ends you might enjoy.


My deviantart gallery, with contains a large collection of creative attempts over the years.

My otaku senshi site, with the story loosely based on Sailor Moon (though it doesn't involve any canon characters). Still a work in progress, if slowly. Very slowly. *ahem*


Dubird's Gundam Wing Gallery, aka the gwg. This is my Gundam Wing fansite that I've had for a lot of years. It doesn't get regular updates, but I do still occasionally find things to put up here.

Desert Eyes is my Trigun fansite. I have no intention of taking it down, but I haven't really had anything to update it with in a long time, so it's pretty static unless something happens that needs maintance.

web groups

Offical fanlisting for the anime Yorioden Samurai Troopers, known in the US as Ronin Warriors. Still one of my favorites, though I don't watch a lot of anime anymore.

A web group made just for fun.

Another one done for fun, as a redo of a friend's long-defunct webgroup. Still, it was a good idea so I restarted it.