Life and games

A blank screen is one of the most intimidating things ever. ><

Actually did write a bit for NaNo, but don't think I'll have time to do anymore. Blarugh. One of these times, I'll actually have time and will to do it! ^_^;;

Downloaded the fix for Witch Hunt for Dragon Age. At least the ending was fixed, which is good, but it's still their weakest DLC. They didn't even give us a new place to explore, just recycled old ones. Totally not cool. I also downloaded some random fan dungeons, most of which are ok. Nothing I really feel compelled to finish, though Classic Week is a neat idea. Unfortunatly, since you're not actually playing with real AI, it makes some of the boss fights hella-hard. >< I'm stuck right now on a pair that has some major hits. And since I have to control all of the characters, makes it hard to control the battle. If this really was four players, it would be doable. Oh well.

Am excited about Dragon Age 2, will definatlly pre-order that after holiday season. Really short on cash right now. >< Oh, and found out Dungeon Siege 3 is being made. By Square Enix. WANT. The one thing I thought was really lacking in the first two was in-depth story. Yeah, they both had a story and it was pretty good. But it was at heart a dungeon crawl, which doesn't really lend itself to true story-telling. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed both of them, but I'm really excited about a SE produced Dungeon Siege! So, that got added to my wish list. Which is getting really long, and I don't think anything's be bought from it. ^^; Ah well, at least I can keep track of things I want and hopefully get them some day.
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