EEEEE!!!! *happy dance*


My boyfriend brought me my late Christmas gift tonight. An AMD X4 620 processor with 4gig of ram, an NVIDIA Geforce GTS 250, new DVD burner and 2Tb secondary drive all wrapped up in a nice new case. EEEEEE!!

I can now play Oblivion with the highest graphic settings! And Assassin's Creed! AND I can go out and get Dragon's Age next little extra money I have!!

Oh wait, I have to reinstall FFXI. And wait for it to update. And get all my files off Rosaleen Quad and move them over as well as redo my Firefox plugins and learn Windows 7. Eh, small price to pay for SHINEY NEW SYSTEM! SHIIIIINEEYYY!!

Some girls go gaga over jewlery or flowers. I'm giddy because of a new computer. I guess that just reinforces the geekness. HEEEEE! *happy dance*

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