Backpost: A quick note

This blog has been around for nine years. Most of that time has been random personal posts, a lot of which included OMGDRAMA from college. Suffice to say, older posts than this will be more personal and, in some cases, whiney and depressing. There are still some good posts here and there, and you're more than welcome to go back and read them if you want. I'm keeping them for two reasons. One, I'm a packrat, even about my posts, and I can't just delete them. And two, it shows how far I've come in my life and occasionally provides amusement.

So, yeah, nothing past here was tagged or titled from moving to b2evo. And while there is possibility for amusement, you'll also notice the writing slowly degrade to short snippits of randomness. So be warned, past this point, drama awaits!
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